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For the last 20 years my work was centered around therapy and the treatment of the severely and persistently mentally ill,  however, in 2015, when my daughter Zahira unexpectedly passed away, my world view shifted and so did the focus of my work.

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Losing Zahira was soul crushing. All I knew ceased to exist when I lost her and if that was not enough in December, 2020 my husband Felix passed away suddenly, abruptly, and unexpectedly.  Both are losses that are indescribable and life shattering.  It was in the pain of losing Zahira that I was able to tap into something beautiful and transform it into something divine that I bring to my coaching practice. In my therapy practice I focus on helping women identify core beliefs that influence their current life and ways to reframe those beliefs to obtain the goals they set forth in therapy.  In my coaching practice I fill in the missing links that therapy does not allow me to fill. 


I continue to actively grieve losing Felix but the groundwork was already set in motion with the healing work I had done with Zahira. So I come to this season a little more versed in grief but never in pain.  That is something that is unique to every loss.

Having experienced my (un)fair share of grief, I bring a personal level of understanding into the space that allows me to better connect with you and your pain. I bring my journey of healing into the space to provide hope and living proof that you too can find your way through your pain, and lastly I bring 2 decades of direct clinical practice with the most vulnerable and emotionally fragile. 


Grief, pain, and loss has shown up in my life in more ways than I would have liked. And yet today I come to you as someone who has navigated through (and continues to), the challenges of grieving. But I come to you not as a wounded bird, but as an empowered woman.  

It's through the pain that I connect with my clients, because I truly understand how much it can hurt.  What I have learned through my work on myself and with people over the years is that at our lowest points, when we are at our most vulnerable and raw, so much transformation can happen, if we let it. My coaching clients find in me and in the sacred space I provide the ability to just be. Be present in the pain, learn to let the pain flow through instead of trying to avoid it or stop it, learn to transform the pain into power and allow it to build you up and not break you down.  In my practice my clients learn and exercise acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, and grace even under the most difficult of relational circumstances. My heart's work is to help women who are struggling with navigating loss not allow the loss to define their lives but on the contrary allow the loss to bring out their very best self and tap into the power that they hold. ​

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. The best is yet to come."

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This & That

Fun facts you might not have expected...

I am proud to be Afro-Puerto Rican from Loiza 

Ketchup and hot sauce on pasteles always. (My fellow Puerto Ricans will know what I'm talking about!)

I love New York. Harlem world for life but The Bronx is the BEST borough!

My favorite hobbies are dancing, eating, and shopping.

I'm Catholic and I consider myself to be a really spiritual and intuitive person. 

I am bougie and ghetto... LOL

More Fun Facts
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Education & Certifications

Masters Degree Social Work Fordham university 


NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Certification in Trauma Informed Care


Certification in Meditation


Certification in Yoga Nidra


Training in Heart Centered Hypnosis

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