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Meet the Zahira team!

Nata​​sha E. Williams, LMSW

Psychotherapist & Destiny Coach


With over 17 years of experience in Public Health Administration, Natasha E. Williams specializes in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Natasha founded and serves as CEO of a nonprofit organization that provides essential resources to improve the economic, social, and emotional well-being of New York City residents. Her involvement with community development efforts in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens was driven in part by her experience as a Black, American-Caribbean woman who raised her son as a single mother in NYC. 

As a clinical therapist, Natasha works with individuals, couples, and groups. She uses integrative therapy to help clients process past experiences that impede their mental health, decision-making, and well-being. Her specialties include anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and relationship issues. 

Natasha’s approach to supporting clients is based on individualized needs, and she has developed an extended arm of services for those seeking non-clinical approaches to achieving their goals. As a Destiny Coach, she specializes in self-actualization, couples coaching, and healing from religious harm, with an emphasis on strengthening relationships with God.  

Natasha believes that everyone can overcome obstacles and maintain emotional health. Regardless of how complicated your situation is, Natasha will support you through dissection, healing, and rebuilding. With an ability to understand the uniqueness of individual experiences, decision-making, and overall well-being she is committed to helping you recognize your strengths, envision attainable goals and guide you on your journey to a life of fulfillment. 

Say hello to Jasleni (pronounced Jaz-lenny). Jasleni is the creative designer behind the branding and website design for Rising With Zahira. Jasleni enjoys working with driven entrepreneurs like Leslie, helping them create soul aligned businesses. If your business needs a spiritual makeover, she's your gal.

Fun Facts:​

  • I LOVE to paint. You can check out my artwork at

  • My goal is to complete a tarot deck I've been working on!

  • Mangos bring me so much joy.

Transformation Coach, Intuitive Brand Strategist & Multi-Magickal Artist

Jasleni Brito

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