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The Direct Connection between Weight & Trauma

How many have been judged, ridiculed, shamed for picking up that extra fry or scoop of ice cream? Told that your beautiful but just need to lose weight, as if the golden ticket to beauty is based on weight! Or have that Tia who tells you that if you lost weight you would find a man….

Ummmhummm some of you know exactly what I’m talking about or told to stop eating or in my case have a family member serve you in a bread plate while she serves everyone else in a regular plate to “ help” me lose weight. I can go on for days. The reason I bring this up is because so many of us “FAT” people are straight up shamed, treated as less then and have to deal with the looks of disgust and those who believe that they can talk to us is any which way, because hey we look for it, right? WRONG!!!

Let me shed some light on this very personal yet prevalent issue. Most of us with weight issues have a trauma history. The weight is a symptom of the trauma the person suffered during their childhoods. What trauma you ask? Sexual abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse, exposure to domestic violence, etc. but yet the person is blamed for their weight issue, basically in many ways continuing to be psychologically abused but this time by a society that is not accepting of them.

Am I saying we should not all aim to be healthy, absolutely not! But we need to check our judgment at the door and understand that for many us it is not just mind over matter or will power or eating more salad, it runs way deeper than that and in order to get to the core belief that feeds into the behavior we need to address the trauma first.

This is the type of work psychotherapist do/ I do. So when you are wondering why you may need therapy? Here is just one example of how therapy can help you tackle an issue that directly impacts your life. If you are struggling reach maybe I can help.



This blog is a place for my self expression and it is not intended to be used as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment for any medical or mental disorder.

In addition, if you belong to the Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation Police, please heed warning. This blog is my place of reflection and creativity and will probably not be grammatically correct most of the time.



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