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Why the name Zahira?

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Getting my business started...

When I began the journey of expanding my services I had already been playing with the idea of doing something around grief and infant loss and actually had gone as far as naming it “The Bronx Center for Healing” but then COVID hit, and I became a widow unexpectedly at 42 with a 1 ½ year old daughter and once again my whole life got turned upside down.

I now was forced to question my life choices in this new role as a widow. How was I going to be the sole provider to our daughter, how was I going to be a more present parent when I knew what was to come as she navigated life without her father, and later how was I going to help support her when she was diagnosed with special needs, Autism.

At the time I had been working as a hospital administrator for 14 years, my work kept me away from home for long hours. I am blessed to have an amazing mother who continues to be my daughter's only other caregiver but for how long? And what about my mothers freedom?

The naming and branding behind my business...

So in May, 2022 I actively began working on my vision for our future and in comes Jasleni Brito of Jasleni Art & Design. How I found Jasleni is quite a story but needless to say and we both agreed we were meant to work together, with the help of a special spirit 🙂. From the beginning we hit it off. It was like kindred spirits speaking. She just got it, she got my vision, she understood the assignment. Initially, I thought all I needed was a website and logo but was I wrong! What she did was help me bring my vision to life, after much soul searching, vision building and formulating. We agreed that “The Bronx Center for Healing” was not the energy I was putting out. I currently have no interest in providing services in person so having a “Center” was no longer a thing, virtual provides me the flexibility I need for my daughter as well as provides my clients the flexibility to meet me wherever they are.

So why the name Zahira?

Honestly, it just came to us. Jasleni literally said “ What about the name Zahira?” and I was like ummm YES!!!! Why not?! What better way to pay homage to my daughter who was my inspiration to start my practice geared toward working with women struggling through loss, trauma, and life changes. My heavenly baby would have an earthly home to live through by way of her momma and her name. So whenever you mention her name associated to this business remember it is because of her that I do this work.

This is how I transformed my pain into beauty, how about you? How can I help you transform yours too?

No arguing with divinity and so it is….Zahira.



This blog is a place for my self expression and it is not intended to be used as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment for any medical or mental disorder.

In addition, if you belong to the Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation Police, please heed warning. This blog is my place of reflection and creativity and will probably not be grammatically correct most of the time.



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